Angela Devon – Clinical Psychologist Cobham, Guilford & Surrey

Accredited Clinical Psychologist for Adults & Adolescents
I am a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Associate Director of Therapies at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust, operating out of Cobham, Surrey. With many decades of experience of working as a clinical psychologist, I have helped both adults and adolescents to overcome and manage psychological problems. I have an empathetic and professional approach and I work with people from all walks of life with issues such as anxiety, depression and substance misuse. Based in Cobham, Surrey, I am a trusted professional with strong credentials and a strong commitment to my clients. 
Private Clinical Psychologist Practice in Cobham, Surrey
My private practice is based in Cobham, Surrey and I often work with people from surrounding areas including Guilford. As a private clinical psychologist, my psychological services are accessible and confidential. I will work closely with you to first identify the source of your problem and then provide you with the professional tools to find a better balance.
Clinical Psychologist Appointments Online Via Skype
Due to the current situation, I provide psychological therapy appointments online via a secure Skype connection. This means that you can access my services from the comfort of your home whether you are in Surrey or elsewhere in the UK. 
Offering a Range of Psychological Therapies for Individuals & Organisations

Whether you are an individual seeking help or an organisation looking for support, I can help you with your goals. By using my psychological expertise, I facilitate change in behaviour and increase the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. 

I work with businesses and organisations around Cobham, Guilford and Surrey and provide Executive Coaching, Consultation and Training in Leadership to support organisations and businesses to develop. I also deliver bespoke corporate emotional resilience programmes.
I am accredited by the British Psychological Society, The Health Professions Council and am recognised by all the major private health companies to provide psychological therapies. I offer CBT, Counselling and Psychotherapy and I work with people experiencing a range of difficulties including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Coping with Stress and Ill Health
  • Anger Management
  • Relationship Problems
  • Low Self-esteem, Confidence and Self-Worth
  • Alcohol and Drug Misuse